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Product Recall in England and Wales Ancheer batteries for e-bike with model number AM001907.

Ancheer is conducting a recall of Ancheer batteries for e-bikes with model number AM001907.

Consumers should stop using the batteries for e-bikes model no.AM001907 immediately and contact Ancheer for a free replacement battery and battery holder.


The batteries for e-bike AM001907 may catch fire or explode.

You may be seriously burned.

Please stop using the batteries for e-bike AM001907 immediately.

Ancheer AM001907 E-bike


The Ancheer AM001907 E-bike can be identified with the following information :

1. Model number

The model number AM001907 can be found on the e-bike packaging and in the instruction manual.  You cannot find the model number on the bike itself.

2. Battery shape, color and others

A water bottle shaped cylindrical battery distinguishes model AM001907 from other Ancheer e-bike models.  The bikes are black and have 26-inch wheels. “Ancheer” is printed on the downtube.





Q1. How should I handle the original battery for e-bike AM001907?

Please remove the original battery for e-bike AM001907 from the bike and store it in a ventilated and dry place.  Do not expose the original battery to heaters, stoves and direct sunlight, or environments with high temperature or high humidity.

Q2. How can I get a free replacement battery for e-bike AM001907?

After we have verified that you have purchased Ancheer e-bike AM001907, we will arrange providing you with a replacement battery.   

To receive a replacement battery for e-bike AM001907 and battery holder, free of charge, please email us proof of disposal of the original battery at a local recycler centre that accepts lithium-ion batteries.   Please take a photo of the signage of the local recycler centre which has accepted the original battery for disposal and email us the photo.  The photo is acceptable as proof that you have properly disposed of the battery.   Transportation subsidies will be provided.  


Alternatively, we can arrange a third party certified lithium-ion battery recycler to reach out to you to return the original battery for disposal.   


To request your replacement battery for e-bike AM001907 and battery holder, please contact Ancheer by email at [email protected].  You may also contact Ancheer toll-free at 0808-189-3381 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm  Monday through Friday, except on public holiday.