ANCHEER 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-ion Battery,Equipped With Base, Slide,Etc.,For Model AN1907


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Hailong No. 1 SSE-046 battery box, 36V10.4AH, 10S4P, DMC 2600mah18650 battery, 36V power display, with power-off switch, including lock and battery holder, DC2.1 charging port 0V, charge and discharge short circuit protection, temperature Control, charging turns off the output, serial number barcode is attached, English label + English and German warning label, warning label is attached to the charging port, current limit is 18A, equipped with base, slide, screws, etc., output bullet head (red line positive voltage transparent insulating sleeve female head / black wire negative voltage transparent insulated sleeve male bullet), including the headband and outer sheath, the length is 400mm, comes with instructions for replacing the battery,

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