Ancheer Longboard Drop Downhill Road 41"




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  • Deck: High Density 9 Ply Canadian Maple( 41"x9.5") Desk with Mini Double Kicks. Max Supporting Weight 220lbs(100KG), Suitable for Kids and Adult
  • Trucks: 7 Inch with Axle Width 180mm Aluminum Alloy Reverse Kingpin
  • Wheels: Double Row Anti-Shock Super Smooth PU 65mm 83A Wheels(70 x 51mm/2.7 x 2.0inch)
  • Bearings: Precision High-Speed Chrome Steel ABEC-11 Bearings
  • Ready to Ride: Complete Dancing Road Longboard, Built for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding. Wide turning radius and low center of gravity

Type1: 40" Pintail Longboard

Key Features:

  • Solid maneuverability    
  • Super flexible high density 9 ply Canadian maple construction deck
  • Shock absorbent 78A Polyurethane wheels with Anti-Bite Technology, avoid wheel bite
  • Rugged & lightweight 7" (180mm) thick aluminum trucks provide better steering control
  • Super smooth 70mm PU wheels for a smooth and safe ride                                                                                                                            
  • ABEC-11 bearings with high responsive  Polyurethane (PU) bushing-90A for reducing vibration                                                                     
  • OS780 black Grip Tap provides optimal adhesive power for unrivaled steadiness                                                                                             
  • 4mm Riser pads made of rubber help to prevent wheel bite, absorb impact, minimize vibration.                                                                      
  • Design for adult teens and kids, recommend age 8 +, Hold up to 100KG/220lbs                                                                                            
  • Beautiful heat transfer graphic  on the bottom                                                                                                                                                
  • No assembly required - complete PINTAIL longboard

Type2:  41" Dancing Road Longboard

  • Desk: Stable 9 Ply Canadian Maple Construction 
  • Wheels Diameter: 70mm 
  • Wheels Durometer: 80A 
  • Bearings: ABEC-11 Precision Chrome Steel 
  • Load capacity: 100KG/220lbs 
  • Weight: 4kg/8.8lbs                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Attractive Advantage:
  • Low center of gravity (drop down design) for an optimal driving experience 
  • Ancheer Freerider Longboard for downhill and free ride. Flex-deck for the highest level of performance with non-slip varnish
  • Great for all skill levels, the carving trucks to this complete longboard give you the closest sensation of surfing on dry land you can get
  • Ancheer longboards are commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, dancing, long distance racing, and transport


9 Ply Canadian Maple Wood Construction

  • The deck is a high density 9 layer hardwood maple wood classical construction.  It is high density and much more stable than plastic boards, which max supporting weight 220 lbs(100KG)

Grip Tape
  • The deck with full-length grip tape and print on it, Non-slip top provides an irresistible flex in order to reduce vibrations for a stable and surf-like ride.  The grip tape makes it easy to do some stunts tricks and even can skate in the rain


High-Performance 7-inch Solid Aluminum Trucks


  • 7 Inch with Axle Width 180mm Aluminum Alloy Reverse Kingpin; This wood board is a great board for beginners or advanced learners to doing some stunts such OL action, 360's and a few other simple basic stunts, and the wheels are good and go far with just one push 

ABEC-11 Precision Chrome Steel

  • The 41-inch long board has ABEC-11 bearings which are extremely fast! They are great for downhill skating and skaters that want to move insanely fast.


Doing Tricks